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Maryam Miradi

CEO & Chief AI Scientist

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About me

I am an AI Expert with over 20 years experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Computer Vision and NLP.

I Build AI Solutions for Different Industries such as Detecting Financial Crime, Anti Money Laundering, Energy Networks, Government, Tax, Retail, Transport, E-Commerce and Public Transport.

What I do

As an experienced AI expert, I provide customized AI strategy, design and development of AI models, ethical AI practices, AI explainability, and leadership for the successful deployment of AI solutions.


This involves identifying the business problems that AI can help to solve, evaluating the available data and technologies, and developing a roadmap for implementing AI solutions that deliver real value.

AI Craft Lead

As an AI Craft Lead, I would be responsible for leading a team of data scientists to develop and deploy AI solutions that meet client needs. This involves not just technical expertise but also project management skills, leadership, and effective communication.

AI Modelling

Another key area of expertise I can offer is in AI modelling. This involves using machine learning algorithms to build predictive models that can help organizations make better decisions and improve their operations.

AI Explainability

Without proper explainability, AI decision-making processes can be seen as a "black box," making it difficult for businesses and individuals to trust and adopt AI solutions.

AI Fairness

In addition to AI strategy and modelling, I would also make sure to emphasize my commitment to ethical AI practices. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into our lives and work, it's essential to ensure that these technologies are developed and deployed in ways that are fair, transparent, and respectful of human rights and dignity.


Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Computer Vision and NLP

Latest Experience

Feb. 2022-Present


Head of AI and Data Science

I am Craft Lead of a team of about 15 Data Scientists where we develop together Anomaly Detection and Graph Analytics AI Solutions for Anti Money Laundering and Transaction Monitoring and Client Monitoring.

Sep. 2019 - Jan. 2022


Head oF AI and AUTOMATION / LEAD Data Sceintist

I developed Computer Vision, NLP and Deep Learning E2E Solutions for Department of Detecting Financial crime of ABN AMRO (bout 4000 people). I hired and guide a team of data scientist to build Machine Learning Solutions for Client Monitoring Transaction Monitoring. I also built an XGBoost Model for Tax Evasion.

Feb. 2018- Aug. 2019


LEAD Data Sceintist

As a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence expert at Stedin, I led a team of 8 data scientists and successfully implemented various machine learning techniques to solve complex problems, resulting in added value, optimized resource planning, and improved business processes while utilizing my analytics and time-series neural networks skills.

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